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Offcourse is an open source platform for crowdsourced learning. From blogs to podcasts, you can create hand-curated collections to the web’s best learning resources, save them in one place, and share them with millions of people around the globe.

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Creating a collection on Offcourse is simple. Instead of spending hours making content yourself, you pick the best online resources on a topic you love. Write a task for each link you collect, and put everything together on a card. Add a title and a short description, and there you are – you made a collection that you can share.



You want to learn from the best. That’s why on, you can tweak collections that were made by others. Copy a collection that’s made by someone you admire, and edit the tasks or resources to make the collection suit your learning style and goals. And voilà – you’re contributing to building a network of the best learning resources on the web.



Once you’re ready, share your collections on your social media channels with the push of a button. Or include the unique links to your collections in your blog or your website. There are so many channels on the web already – we give you the tools to use your own channels to build a name for yourself on the topics that you choose.

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